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Snapshot from a potential patient
Alert patients through mobile notifications when it's time to take pictures
Virtual assessment tool is friendly for mobile and desktop users
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Maximize your marketing investment by capturing more leads!

Freedom to manage your business anywhere, anytime, while offering a personalized patient experience.

Optimize your in office time by converting virtual consultations into in person treatment with Docovia..

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"The move to take a great deal of patient interaction online is a no-brainer. The Docovia platform dramatically simplifies and automates much of the virtual patient workflow."

Dr. Sunil G. Bhandarkar, MD Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology | AAO, St John's, Cornell

Empower Your Practice

In-App Followup with Patient Leads

Engagement Tools

Reach your Patients

Communicating with your potential patients is key to getting them in the door. Our platform supports both email and two-way text messaging to ensure you are reaching them effectively.

Brand your Smile Assessment Platform

Make it Your Own

Brand Your Practice

Customize your widget to stay consistent with your practice's identity. Incorporate your logo, brand colors, personal messaging & slogans into the platform.

Automate your new patient process

Efficiency is Key

Automate Your Processes

We want your team members to work efficiently. Set up assessment templates and automated email and text notifications to optimize workflow processes.

"The team-based collaboration and telehealth workflow that Docovia enables is truly game-changing in terms of working with new and existing patients, and enabling seamless communication with medical staff. Love it!"

Mikel Calderon, P.A.-C Physician Assistant Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Replacement Program Leader at Broward Health

More Than Just a Widget

Improving your practice across the board.


When making decisions, consumers want information and answers quick.

Stay One Step Ahead

Patients have options - stand out! Online Dovovia Assessments differentiate your practice and stay ahead of the trends.

24/7 Access

Patients can engage with you at a time that fits their schedule. Have a presence ouside of your office hours.

Modern Marketing Tool

Marketing can make or break you. Think outside the box and incorporate Docovia Assessments into your marketing campaigns.


Sending photos and recorded video through a secure platform is an important part of compliance standards and your patient's privacy.

Preview Their Case

Your time is valuable - use the photos submitted to plan accordingly and schedule your day. Know what to expect before they step into your office.

Docovia is the most efficient and effective way to connect virtually with your patients.

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